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Beyond experience,
it’s mastery.

We have been trusted over and over again by Fortune 500 brands to lead revenue-generating projects, consult on high-level and weighted decisions, and drive the development of strategic partnerships. We lead in our space because we apply superior talent and strategy to every project, without exception.

Collectively, our team has generated nearly a billion dollars in revenue across tenured careers, with over 120 years of experience in the sports and entertainment industry. And, each member of our team has a minimum of a decade of experience in revenue-generating roles, so we are intimately familiar with what profit, success, and ROI looks like.

The expertise of our team is interwoven with the ecosystem of technology companies and large public venues, creating a powerful web of relationships that is simply unmatched.

The know-how we posses internally — and can reach externally — extends across industries and countries and environments.

“Connect’s team, from leadership to account management, was instrumental in developing and executing the sponsorship monetization strategy for VIRGIN FEST. They excel at striking the right balance between maximizing revenue while also magnifying a property’s core brand values.”

Jason Felts | CEO, Entertainment


“Connect's partnership consultation is invaluable in driving CommScope's business goals in the large public venue marketplace. Their team knows how to socialize the value of partnerships, internally within our company and also externally with venue rights holders."

Thierry Chau | SD, Entertainment Venues


"The Connect team has been a valuable sponsorship resource for The Cordish Companies, notably their work uncovering partnership opportunities within the technology category. While revenue focused, Connect has the rare attribute that their sales team also understands what motivates innovation-centric brands."

Jake Miller | Chief Development Officer

The Cordish Companies


We leverage decades of experience and relationship building in the sports and entertainment industry to drive business for companies that desire to gain market share in and through sports and entertainment and the municipal sector.

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Sales & Strategy

Our team specializes in monetizing audiences through media and partnership sales, always committed to creating authentic connections between the rights holder and the brand. We take a consultative approach to optimizing revenue.

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Compete to win,real ROI is the prize.

We recognize the incredible competition in your industry, and we’ll be the first to tell you it’s part of what motivates us to work hard and with urgency. Knowing how fluid industry trends have shown themselves to be, we take pride in our forward-thinking strategies, a deep understanding of competitors, and firm knowledge of buyer moves and choices.

We have designed a team built to advise our clients, not just work alongside them. Our vision is streamlined, cohesive, and shared by everyone in our group.

Hire us, and you will benefit from the passion, experience and proven strategies of our exceptional team for a small fraction of what it would cost you to attempt this in-house, and without the loss of time to ramp up.

In today’s competitive environment, time matters. Count on us to be ready to run as soon as you are.