About Us

We believe that together
we can create more.

At Connect Partnership Group, we are here to help you win business. The combination of our proven process and our vast professional network allows us to achieve key objectives and outcomes faster than our competitors.

We start ahead because of how deeply we are entrenched in the Sports & Entertainment industry. And while we are not defined by our book of business, we’re sure it will prove to you that our reach and potential to drive your success is unequaled.

We know that we don’t win without you. Our company culture encourages us to be team players, defined by a mission to elevate your business, positioning, and reputation. There is no secrecy or back-channeling, the visibility that defines our processes is present from start to finish.

Our expertise and insights will transcend our working relationship, so that both our organizations level up when the objectives are reached. We believe strongly in the power of education, logic, and collaboration.

Work with us, and you will emerge more comfortable and knowledgeable with how to thrive in the sports and entertainment industry.

Character driven


Be Brilliant

We strive to create the solution others can’t see.


Be Ethical

We believe in doing the right thing, always.


Be Contagious

We take pride in bringing our best energy.


Be Tenacious

We do our best to leave it all on the field.

You get our absolute best, always.

Our ethical brand culture underlines the visibility surrounding our current portfolio. You can see who we are working with, driven by the promise that we are strategically selective about who we take on as clients.

Resource allocation is done with the same intentionality, making sure that we never spread ourselves too thin to deliver quality service to each of our clients. We also allot extra bandwidth for clients or instances that require additional effort, so that we are ready for even the most unexpected situation.

Because of our selective approach, we’re able to keep the needs of our clients top of mind at all times. This means we’re always in search of an opportunity that might benefit you in every interaction we have. It is our inexhaustible approach that not only generates winning partnerships but also tremendous added value for our clients.